Having had the most amazing day...

When we first heard about Wedding Day Butler we thought it wasn’t for us.  With hindsight, having had the most amazing day, we can honestly say that it wouldn’t have been the same without Mark there!

Our ceremony and reception were at the same venue.  We had only 100 guests.  We initially felt that, between us and the venue staff, we could manage the running of the day ourselves.  However, when we heard more about Wedding Day Butler, we thought that we would give it a go.  After all, you only get married once (hopefully!) and we wanted our day to be perfect!

We met with our Butler, Mark, a couple of months before the big day.  This meeting lasted 1 hour and was arranged at a location convenient for us.  We explained to him how we wanted the day to run and he, in turn, explained how his role fitted in.  He was clearly an expert with a great deal of experience in running large events!  Although the venue had reassured us that they manage the logistics of the day, Mark explained that he would be working alongside the venue to make sure everything ran smoothly and he would act as our eyes and ears on the day.

On the morning of the big day, Mark arrived at the venue bright and early to check that everything was on track.  He displayed some flowers around the venue, delivered flowers to all the ladies and helped all the chaps with their button holes.  He had the thankless task of re-laying all the tables, which the venue had done incorrectly.  He made sure that the music we had chosen for the ceremony was ready to go.

Throughout the day Mark treated us like a King and Queen which felt lovely.  He was friendly, yet extremely professional and several of our guests commented on this.  During the day, we were not sure how much he did for us because he just blended into the wedding and performed his role with no fuss!  Only having returned from our honeymoon were we informed by some of our guests that, amongst other things, he repaired a bridesmaid dress after a wardrobe malfunction and helped an elderly and frail relative get to her seat and get comfortable with a cushion.  He had all the tools that he needed to hand; he somehow managed to squeeze an entire sewing kit into his jacket pocket!  The only thing that we were aware of Mark doing on the day itself was when he discreetly informed us that the complimentary drinks running low.  We authorised the venue to provide more and Mark made sure that all the guests were topped up, much to their delight!

The toastmaster side of his role was great too.  Everyone knew what was going on and when.  As a result, the timetable that we had set for our special day was followed precisely, something which had never happened at weddings we had been to before.  We both felt totally relaxed and didn’t worry about a thing and this was largely due to Mark!

To anyone reading this and considering hiring a butler for your special day, we can say without any reservation whatsoever that we would recommend the service.  Our Butler, Mark, really helped the day to be as special as it was.  Not only did his presence raise the standard of service provided by our venue, his professionalism and experience meant that we felt completely confident that anything could have arisen and he would have had the solution!  The service is also great value for money.  Not only do you get your very own butler for the day, you also avoid the cost of hiring a toastmaster!

Kirsty & Kieran


you made the day with your wonderful organisation

Andrew and Gill. Kent, Sept 2018

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"everything was done so professionally and it all ran like clockwork!"

Lucy & Andy

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He just made sure the whole of our day flowed with no hiccups

Mr and Mrs Thompson 

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Having had the most amazing day...

Kirsty & Kieran

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Thank you for making our wedding day, a perfect wedding day.

Chris & Zoë

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Our Wedding Day Butler was professional, calm, extremely efficient and so easy to liaise with.

John & Jacqueline

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Your own personal Butler on your wedding day is a must!

Neil & Genna Taylor

Premiership & Welsh International, Team GB 2012 Olympic Footballer
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Having a wedding butler was the perfect solution.

Jo & Adam Troman

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An experience we'll never forget. What a find!

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