Terms & Conditions

Wedding Day Butler

WDB” - Wedding Day Butler
Client” - Couple Booking the Butler
Date” - Agreed date of the Wedding


1.      On booking the” WDB” the “Client” will pay a deposit to secure the “WDB” for the chosen “date”  at 50% of the agreed total fee.

1.1   The full agreed fee must be paid by the “Client” to the “WDB” 14 days before the “date” of the Wedding.


2.      If the “Client” chooses to cancel the “WDB” before 14 days prior to the “date” of the wedding then no refund will be offered.

2.1   If the “Client” chooses to cancel the “WDB” after 14 days prior to the “date” of the wedding, and if full payment has been made to “WDB” then 50% of the total agreed fee will be refunded.

2.2   Should “WDB” cancel the booking due to unforeseen circumstances leading up to or on the “date” agreed by the “Client” and “WDB”, “WDB” will offer a FULL refund of any payments already made.


3.    “WDB” will not be liable or held responsible for damages or breakages caused.